Still not happy that I don’t have my voice back yet but my mood won’t stop me from looking cute! …or at least, trying to look cute. Lol #laryngitissucks

Wide awake! Just finished painting my nails and now, in watching #themunsters. I hope my voice comes back soon. I hate not talking. #laryngitissucks

My professor made me go to the doctor because of how sick I am. Come to find out from my visit that I have laryngitis. No talking until my vocal cords aren’t swollen anymore. Boo!!!!! #hatebeingsick

Still sick… And now, I’ve lost my voice completely. #hatebeingsick

#mcm @brianjoomuzik and @jparkitrighthere

No sleep at all! Kept tossing and turning all night. I got too hot and then too cold, terrible stomach pains, and a scratchy throat… This really bites:/ #hatebeingsick

Think I’m getting sick… Just great. Off to bed I go! #goodnight

I just died!!! My nieces and nephew make the cutest princesses and pirate EVER!!! I miss them so much. Aeryn’s cute little smile though:) they all are so precious and beautiful. #aunt #ilovebeinganaunt #nephew #nieces

Had a great night! Enjoyed the movie and my date was a sweetheart. Tired; time to crash. #goodnight

#ootn for my movie date tonight!